Roller Blind Inspiration

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Roller Blinds

Our most popular blind choice with all of our clients residentially and commercially.
Roller blinds can have all kinds of impact.

Roller blinds fabric colours chosen in the same tone as walls and décor i.e. carpets, window trim and door frames etc. blend into the room and become a neutral approach. This is a safe option and the most popular way of choosing blind colours. The idea of your window coverings being neutral tones will not become dated which is a bonus for the long term. Your Blind colour should never set the tone for decorating a room, blinds being a neutral colour but using definite colours with your curtains, cushions, rugs, pictures etc. can set the tone palette for introducing moods or ambience. For future potential buyers or renters of your property, it is also attractive and safe to choose colours like soft greys, beiges, creams and whites.


Roller blinds can be a feature in your room and have a dramatic result. If you would like the blinds to make a statement and stand out then, by all means, use a contrasting colour from the walls. Perhaps you would like it to blend in with a piece of furniture that has inspired you or be brave enough to go with a wow colour that you have picked out from the rug or colour in your furnishings. Many of our adventurous clients use this approach and are not afraid to do so as they love the colour and know that the blind can be changed in 5 years’ time. On the other hand, your contrasting colour does not have to be bold but still different i.e. the blind could be a light grey where the walls are a cream colour so it is still soft and appealing.


Neutral tones are black, white, grey, brown, beige. They are known as earth tones. If you are going for an all-neutral look, layer different hues of the same colour for a classy and sophisticated look. Neutral colours tend to be calming and easy to decorate with which is why so many people flock to them. Unlike stronger colours that can be difficult to match, neutral colours work with pretty much every other colour. Decorating with a neutral colour scheme is usually considered “safe” but if you’re not careful a neutral room can be very bland and boring. If you’re going to decorate with neutral colours make sure you do it right. When decorating with a neutral colour scheme one of the most important things to do is bring in as much texture as possible. Offset rough with soft, shiny with matte and coarse with smooth. The texture is what will create the most interest, albeit subtly. Think about using textures such as linens, suedes, velvets, cable knits, sheepskins and more. When it comes to using textures in a neutral room you can almost never have too many.


Bright zesty colours can work very well in an area you want to be friendly and spacious. They give off energy and create happiness. If you love colour and pattern, then more is more! The window treatments can add to the bold and vibrant decor. Colourful window treatments can also lighten the mood in a space and add a burst of cheer. Adding a multi-coloured blind to a room adds a real wow factor – especially when that room benefits from beams of natural light throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for that minimalist chic or something a little jazzier, find your perfect fit and explore the range today.


The textured coloured layers add visual appeal to a blind that can help create a unique focal point to a room. You know how sometimes you can just look at a room and know that something is missing? All the components of a complete design are there – colour scheme, furniture, décor items – but the entire room just feels a little flat. If this scenario feels familiar, you are not alone and we might just have the answer you need: texture. The bonus to our textured blinds is thermal qualities for cold wintery nights.

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Coloured components are available to suit your décor and choice of colour of rollers chosen. They can complement the shade of roller fabrics or be a contrasting colour i.e. white fabric with black bottom rails , black chains and black brackets to stand out and be a feature or white on white to blend into décor and not stand out .The anodized silver chains and brackets and bottom rails are also a very popular choice to match with light fittings and joinery etc. Be safe or be bold the choice is yours.

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