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Block-Out Roller Blinds

Privacy and Light Control is achieved with Black-Out blinds. Be sure to not feel like your neighbours are watching you as your blackout blinds will help make you feel secure. Late morning sleep-ins can be enjoyed as no sun glare to wake you up. View your computer screens and tv without squinting in the daytime because of suns haze on the screen.

Blackout Blinds create complete privacy and darkness to a room when pulled down, they are especially popular in bedrooms, nurseries and Media rooms. Our blackout blinds can be in a shade of the same colour on both sides of the fabric or a thermal blackout that will have a textured multi-coloured fabric with a plain white backing .They are both very affordable choices of fabrics for rollers.  There are many modern colours to compliment your décor tones and styles.

Custom made in New Zealand to your order:
• Fabric available in Blockout, Light-Filter or Sun-Filter.
• Huge Range of colours textures and designs.
• Wireless motorisation available on all fabrics.
• Most fabrics are available at 3000mm wide.
• Easy to clean, just sponge down with a damp cloth.
• Several fabrics are flame retardant and non-toxic.
• Very durable.
• Will reduce damage to your furnishings from harmful UV.
• All Roller Blinds are manufactured at our factory in Tauranga

Block-Out Roller Blinds in Charcoal

Sun-Filter Roller Blinds

Indoor/Outdoor flow can be achieved with Sun-Filter/Sheerweave fabrics as you can easily see out and not in during the day. Enjoy your garden or watch the children playing while your blinds are down for sun control and privacy.

Sun-Filter fabrics re the most popular choice of fabric for roller blinds, they are very affordable and create a beautiful ambience to your décor appeal. Clients love the diffused light that filters through during the day. There is a wide range of textured fabrics and many colours to choose from. They are practical for light control without making a room dark but still having privacy. They create a modern and stylish look and serve the practical purpose of protecting your carpets and furniture from sun damage.

SUN-FILTER have earned their popularity through making your indoors more environmentally friendly. While they effectively block a great deal of heat and UV, they do not completely block your view. At night with the light on, you will see in through a Sun-Filter blind. Sun-Filter blinds are incredibly durable and easy to clean. They don’t collect dust and if anything spills on them, they can be wiped down with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

LIGHT-FILTER This range of fabrics is in between a Sun-Filter and a Block-out blind. They have a higher degree of light diffusion than a Sun-Filter fabric but will still allow light into the room which creates a lovely soft light tone. You cannot see out through these fabrics during the day and at night anyone outside would only see a slight shadow effect if you were close to the window.

Roller Blinds are a fabulous option for your home decor, stylish yet practical, Roller Blinds are available in an array of colours. Choose between Sun Filter Blinds or Black Out depending on the use of the room and the location of it in your house. We are always happy to provide our clients with free advice during your measure and quote.
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