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Why Choose Shutters?

  Shaped windows such as raked, arched, round, triangle and bay windows can all be done in shutters and in most situations are the best choice because shutters can be tailor made for almost all windows.Custom color, wood stains Wet areas, Outdoor areas. Privacy Thermal. Block unwanted views. Add value to your home. Create a divider between rooms Cool down areas of your house, upstairs areas which get hotter than most rooms Noise reduction Elevates your home from the outside.

White bathroom Shutters

Wet Area ShuttersTraditionally were reserved for bathrooms and wet areas. With a lower buy price, they are now being used across the home. This is heavier than timber shutters and due to flex in the panel there may be sagging or deflection, which may require a slight lift to place the panels into the frame when closing. The use of Aluminium inserts in stiles and blades is required to help lighten the product, and also help stiffen the product. Smaller doors may also mean more panels in an opening and an increased installation cost. The main plus with this material is that it is waterproof, so leaving the windows open and getting the extruded material wet is fine. They are also a bit harder than the timber which protects against knocks and is a good insulator.

Shaped Wooden Shutters

Shutters for all Shapes 

For the last couple of years, we have seen the increase of alternative shutter materials into the market. Originally the likes of PVC/PVC type of shutters were reserved strictly for wet areas, with timber everywhere else. PVC has limitations compared to timber shutters and were used accordingly. Market competitiveness and their lower buy price now sees these materials pushed for use throughout the home, along with other cheap materials including MDF/HDF. Most materials, whether it be Timber, PVC’s or Aluminium has its positives and negatives.

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Get a 5 year guarantee on all paint finishes and 15 years on product and workmanship when you purchase through All Blinds.

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